How LinkSpot Works

LinkSpot places small antennas around a location such as a campground. These connect your computer via wireless transmission to a high-speed line that routes data to and from the Internet.

Check your email Conduct your banking -- in private Connect to AOL, MSN, Earthlink and others Surf the Web Send instant messages to friends and family Exchange pictures Download files And more...

The only equipment you need is a small, non-proprietary Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) interface. This interface, available at many locations for short term loan if you need one, plugs into a standard port on your computer. Many computers come with this capability built-in, or you can purchase one at most computer and electronics stores.

You do not need to pre-register to use LinkSpot's service, but a monthly subscription plan is available as a convenience for our subscribers. Just open the web browser on your Wi-Fi enabled computer to get started. You are billed for LinkSpot service online, using a secure credit card transaction. There are no sign-up or hidden charges, and you decide how much time to purchase. LinkSpot service is purchased as contiguous blocks of time. The time starts when you make your initial purchase and run continuously until the time expires. Logging out does not stop the timer from running, although it does allow you to login on a different computer or at a different location. Our standard rates are:*

$2.95 per hour (60 minutes) $5.95 per day (24 hours) $25.00 per week (7 days) $35.00 per month

*Rates are subject to change without notice. LinkSpot may offer location specific or promotional pricing, and the price for LinkSpot service may vary by location.